Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm really starting to hate this winter light for taking photos.

The mister has complained year after year about how much he hates the winter months for photography. I didn't really understand what he meant until this year. In the early summer, he showed me how to use his Nikon and I think I got the hang of taking decent pictures outside so I could photograph my quilts and other projects. But now that the weather has changed and the light has gotten darker (the snow doesn't help either), I'm finding myself resorting to taking pictures inside with the flash. Plus, I've had a killer cold the last few days so my laziness has won out in the photography department. Anyway, that's why the following photos aren't that great.


I'm in my first virtual quilting bee this year, the Sew Beautiful Bee. January is Cherie's month and she requested Dresden Plates. I hadn't made them before and opted to make a practice block to make sure I got everything right. I haven't decided what I'll be doing with this block. Kati had a great idea of keeping all the practice blocks for each month and then putting them together in a sampler quilt. I really like that idea, but I used leftovers from the baby quilt I finished yesterday so I'm not sure how well it will blend, color-wise, with the other practice blocks I make. I've toyed with the idea of turning this into a mini quilt for My Favorite Little Quilt Swap, which is currently in its second round. (The deadline is January 31.) Or, I can always turn it into a pillow or something to go along with the baby quilt. I dunno. We'll see.

Dresden practice

Here's Cherie's finished block, using Soul Blossoms. I ended up using a blanket stitch to attach the flower to the background fabric and wish that I would have just used a straight stitch. I used a straight stitch on the circle and like how that looks better than the blanket stitch.

Dresden plate for Cherie

I've been anxious to finish my Far Far Away 2 Kitchen Windows quilt. I got all the pieces cut and the blocks laid out.

Kitchen Windows Layout

I decided to use Kona white for the window panes because I think it adds enough contrast to the muted color palate of the FFA2 fabrics. I really like how Ashley at Film in the Fridge used white to frame her FFA2 quilt and opted for the same contrast in mine. I also saw Lee's Lattice quilt today and I'm really thinking of scrapping the Kona ivory I was planning on using as the sashing and getting some Kona stone instead.

Kitchen Windows Block 1

Kitchen Windows Block 2

Two blocks down, 23 to go.


Denise said...

The first block, which I love, love, LOVE, looks like a quilt from my childhood, when you used scraps of fabric left over from sewing clothes. I remember how fun it was to look at my grandmother's quilts and figure out from which piece of clothing scraps the quilt piece was made. It was so much fun.

Traci said...

The quilt looks amazing! What a cool pattern for that fabric line--I love it!

I hear you on the winter light. When I'm feeling blah about images I always remember what my hero Cliff Mautner says about shooting weddings on rainy days: "just live to fight another day." We'll get through the blah winter light and then start rockin' it come summer! :D

Lee said...

Oh wow, I love YOUR Far Far Away quilt! Kitchen Windows is a fabulous pattern for this fabric.

FYI, Kona Stone is definitely a warm beige-ish gray - it may not look that way in my crummy photos (bad winter light here too!), but it's almost a taupe. Since you're using the gray FFA prints, you might want to consider more of a straight gray. Maybe Kona Coal or Ash. I think that would look AMAZING.

Kati said...

I love the way your FFA2 quilt is coming out. I think it's going to look fabulous. If you are coming to Sewing Saturday this weekend, I'll bring my Kona Color Card and you can compare your fabric to choose the best color for the sashing.

Naturally Carol said...

The white is looking great! Kristie from 'The Decorologist' was talking yesterday about not using a flash inside as it deadens the photo...I have found..find whatever window is lightest with the light behind you and take a picture. Put a white background behind you're subject and you can always use a backlight and some brightness etc in editing it! Just a few tips I have found useful.

Elizabeth D. said...

I love those FFA Kitchen Window blocks!! I totally have to try that pattern. And I'm with you on having issues with the winter sun. Combine that with some seriously dreary days with little to no sun around here, and my photography is looking pretty poor lately. I think Lee's right about using a gray - even Kona medium gray would probably be nice. Good luck! :)

Cherie said...

Love the dresdens! It's my month for another bee, too, and I have asked for a "kitchen window" sort of block. I love the FFA with that block, too!


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