Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Farewell, Dad...until we meet again.

Saying I've had a rough last month and a half would be an understatement. I lost my dad.

As a child, I scratched "Dad" into the surface of my dad's jewelry box.
I found it in a drawer on Sunday; I had all but forgotten about it.

He had a stroke on May 1, ironically the first day of stroke awareness month. After a few weeks of gradual decline, my dad's health turned critical and we knew he wouldn't be around much longer. He was placed on hospice and passed away early in the morning on June 8. I was able to be there and I'm so glad I got to spend these last few weeks with him.
As the weeks passed, it became increasingly more difficult for my dad to
talk, so he did a lot of hand-holding.

All six of us kids (I'm the baby), my mom, and my dad.
We buried him a week ago today.

While I had prepared myself for his passing, I didn't realize I would feel like this after his death. The ache I have for his loss is terribly poignant and strikes at odd moments throughout the day: in a work meeting, watching TV, reading a book to my daughter, singing bedtime songs. I miss my dad so much it hurts.

My parents would have celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary in August. My dad would have turned 75 in September.

Marv and Elsie

Despite the crushing weight of mourning for him, I know I will see my dad again. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm a Mormon. Because of that, I know that life continues beyond the grave. That belief certainly doesn't take away or lessen the pain here and now of not having my dad physically on earth, but it is incredibly comforting to know death is not the end.

Marv and Brooke

For his birthday last year, I made him this mini quilt. He always sung the Lionel Richie song when he called me on the phone. I took the mini quilt home last week and hung it on the wall by my bed. I will be turning it into a pillow so I can hold and squeeze it when I'm feeling low.

I Just Called to Say, "I Love You" Wall-Hanging

I sewed a little bit on Monday and it felt like the first time in a really long time. It's amazing how things you love drop down on the priority list when the things you love the most are in jeopardy. Sewing is therapeutic for me though so I hope to get back into the swing of things in the coming days and weeks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finished Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

After I finished my Nordika Scrappytrip quilt, I had a lot of leftover fabric strips, enough to make this baby quilt as well as a few Dresden wedges that I'll get around to showing one of these days.

One of my friends is having her third baby and this time, it's a girl so I thought this would be a great set of fabrics for her little one. I played around with cutting the pieces and settled on tumblers. Thus, the Nordika tumbler baby quilt:

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

I used a strip of the tumblers on the back along with some oval elements and one of my favorite Nordika prints.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

Back in April, I did a little demo at the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild meeting on how I free-motion quilt. I then let anyone who wanted to try sit down with this quilt. So this one has a variety of quilting, including these cute little flowers.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

I showed how I like to incorporate words into my quilting occasionally. This one has the words "love" and "family" FMQed into the edge of the quilt.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

For the binding, I used the red floral print that dominates the quilt as well as the tartan plaid and a solid light gray.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

My friend's baby is due in June so I'll be wrapping this one up and sending it her way soon.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

Friday, May 16, 2014

#SLMQG May '14 Mini Quilt Swap

I missed out on our guild meeting last night, but I was able to virtually participate in our mini quilt swap via Instagram (thanks for posting, ladies!). Here's the mini I made (and that Barbie took to the meeting for me).

DS Mini Quilt

I had an orphan English paper pieced block (star blossom) sitting around that I just didn't know what to do with. I initially was planning on turning this into a pillow or bag,

DS Mini Quilt

but then I had this leftover block from a quilt I'm working on using my quick curve ruler that matched the color scheme and fabrics. I added a border from one-inch scraps and a section of patchwork below it.

DS Mini Quilt

Then I joined them together.

DS Mini Quilt

I've really been enjoying a fluid approach to quilting lately. I haven't been planning out quilting designs and instead have just been quilting a quilt however I want. If I change my mind during the process, I let my quilting change. This mini is no exception. I started hand quilting the black background half. I quilted a few Xs and just kind of went with it.

I quilted three rows around the star and then went willy nilly around other sections.

DS Mini Quilt

Since most of the fabrics on the front are from Denyse Schmidt, for the backing I used a piece from her Chicopee line, which I think goes really well with the fabrics on the front.

DS Mini Quilt

I used two blue/green solids for the binding, which I machine stitched to the front of the quilt and then hand-stitched to the back. I usually do my binding all by machine, but I wanted to sit in front of the TV instead of in front of my sewing machine to finish this one. And I'm happy to report that my hand-binding is getting better!

DS Mini Quilt

I don't know the exact measurements of this one. I think it's around 16"x22" or thereabouts.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finished True Colors Chevron Quilt

I finished my fourth quilt for the year! And it's the fourth month. I didn't think I'd have four finished quilts at this point in the year with how busy I've been with school. But, I'm happy that I've finished my two main quilt goals for the year. In a couple weeks the semester will be over and I'll be able to spend more time quilting, hopefully.

Here she is in all her colorful glory. I'm really pleased with how everything came together for this quilt.

Finished True Colors Chevron Quilt

For the backing, I pieced half yard cuts of some of the True Colors prints with yard cuts of two of Anna Maria Horner's Dowry prints.

Finished True Colors Chevron Quilt

I did a variety of quilting on this quilt with no real rhyme or reason. I changed designs when I felt like it.

I also initially planned to bind this quilt by hand so I cut the binding at 2.5 inches, which is smaller than my typical 3-inch binding. After attaching the binding to the front of the quilt though, I just wasn't feeling the hand-binding thing and ended up finishing it by machine.

Finished True Colors Chevron Quilt

And just because he's cute, here's an photo outtake of the mister. Love his guts.

Finished True Colors Chevron Quilt

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday: AMH True Colors Chevron Quilt Top

I had a busy month of March. I finished this quilt top on March 9. I went to work on March 10 to find out that the company was doing a round of layoffs and my position was affected. So the last few weeks of the month were spent submitting my resume, interviewing for jobs, working on house projects, and not spending enough time sewing. I was blessed to get a new job just over two weeks later, and I started working again this week. So, the WIP I have going on right now is this quilt top.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I used Anna Maria Horner's True Colors line (two fat eighth bundles) that I picked up from Amanda's shop. I then pulled out my parallelogram die for my Accuquilt Go Baby fabric cutter, but you can easily cut this shape with your ruler and rotary cutter. I then pieced the parallelograms into this chevron design and used the leftover fabric to make half square triangles (HSTs) to use in the side borders.

AMH True Colors Quilt Top

I've since pieced the backing, basted the quilt, and started quilting it. I hope to finish it up soon so it can get some use at my house before mother nature turns up the heat.

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