Monday, July 1, 2013

Quilt Tops a Long Time in the Works

In 2012, I jumped on the Granny Squares bandwagon. I love the quilts that came out of that craze and didn't have the self control to not start my own. I pulled out my scraps and cut squares for several blocks. But, like a lot of things on my sewing plate, I let this one sit for a while. Once I pieced all the blocks, I didn't like the traditional layout, I think because of the scraps I had used. I played around with them and decided to mimic the Granny Square block itself.

Granny Squares Quilt Top

I plan to add another white border to make it bigger so it's more useful for us, but thought I'd post about it since it's been in the works for so long. I have eight more blocks that I'll be piecing into a simple baby quilt too.

Granny Squares Quilt Top

This next quilt top is one that I started way back when The Middle was two and I was pregnant with the baby. Now she's almost five. She picked the fabrics (Rainy Days and Mondays by Melimba and Beccabury for Riley Blake) and wanted the "flowers" (dresdens) so this is the design I came up with. I combined Elizabeth Hartman's Mixtape pattern with the fat cat dresden plates and sashed the blocks in a medium gray. Since this quilt top is intended for her bed, I'll probably just buy a flat sheet (in pink per The Middle's request) for the backing, and be done with it.

The Middle's Quilt Top


sukie said...

Yeah I almost jumped on the granny square wagon but didn't - I do like how yours turned out too!

Jessica Kelly said...

so so cute! Love getting things checked off the to do list!!

Jo said...

Love, love the mix tape/dresden plate combination! Congratulations on finishing some of your ufos!


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