Friday, July 26, 2013

A girl and her quilts

You probably think that The Middle is my favorite child because she's featured on my blog so much. While I do love her more than I can say, truth is, she's so enthusiastic about sewing that I want to continue to foster her love for it for as long as she'll let me - those teenage years will come all too quickly.

Several months ago, she asked if she could make a quilt for one of her babies. I pulled out a box of scraps and told her to look through them and pick what she wanted. She did such a great job coordinating her fabrics! We got her a little sewing machine for Christmas so we pulled it out and I showed her what to do. Then she pieced the entire doll quilt top by herself. Seriously, she's better at improv piecing than I am! (We'll have to spend a bit more time on consistent seam allowances though.)

Doll Quilts by and for my 4yo

She helped me quilt it and then I attached the binding.

Doll Quilts by and for my 4yo

Also some time earlier in the year, I did a demo on machine binding at one of our Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild meetings. I didn't have a quilt ready to bind at the time. I didn't want the binding to be for nothing so I put together a little doll sleeping bag/bed thing that The Middle can put a doll or two in at bedtime.

Doll Quilts by and for my 4yo

She picked the fabrics out for me.

Doll Quilts by and for my 4yo

I wish I could bottle up her energy and sweetness. We didn't make this blanket, but she takes it out of a quiet book my mom helped me make before I had any kids and she carries it around with some of her stuffed animals. She wanted a picture of her holding it like the others. Dang, she's cute!

Doll Quilts by and for my 4yo


Mimi said...

Your daughter is very talented and adorable!! Thanks for sharing her wonderful creative works.

Katie said...

she is very cute indeed and she has such great tase in fabric.

Angela Nash said...

Awwe! Love her creations. Cant wait to do that with my little girl!


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