Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finished Fandango Charm Toddler Quilt

I started this simple patchwork quilt back in May in between all the traveling I was doing. I used about two and a half charm packs of Kate Spain's Fandango line that I've had forever.

I initially intended for this quilt to be for one of my nieces for Christmas, but when my four-year-old saw it, she asked if she could have it. She said, "Mom, it's so cute! It has pink!" (She's pretty much set with anything pink.) The size was too small for a lap quilt, but it's a perfect toddler size and covers her body if she's laying down under it. And since I *still* haven't finished the quilt for her bed, I figured I should let her have this one, especially because she was so excited about it.

Fandango Charm Toddler Quilt

This photo makes me happy because it includes so many handmade things in it: the quilt, The Middle's dress, and my skirt. Handmade makes me happy!

For the backing, I used this Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush print that goes well with the colors in Fandango. It wasn't quite wide enough, so I included a strip of this Joel Dewberry print. The binding is more of the AMH print and includes some Heather Bailey Bijoux dots. I usually prefer to cut my binding strips at three inches, but this one I used two-and-a-half-inch strips. It works with the smaller quilt, but it was kind of a beast to attach. I think I'll stick with my three inch strips.

Fandango Charm Toddler Quilt

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miamihoney said...

Lovely quilt. I really like the fabric you picked for the backing, it compliments the front very well. Good job!


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