Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Quilts and a Fun Photo Shoot

In May, I committed to a craft fair with my sisters so I made a few baby quilts. My girls had fun helping me take photos Sunday afternoon. (My son was too busy playing legos.)

The Middle did a great job holding these quilts for me. This one is a whole cloth baby quilt featuring Liz Frenette's Kona Modern Quilts.

Thankful for helpers

Then the baby wanted in on the action.

Thankful for helpers

"I can hold the quilt too, Mom."

Thankful for helpers


Thankful for helpers

"Oh, wait! There's a camera over there!"

Thankful for helpers

This baby quilt is made of coordinating solid charms in the Pacific colorway from Liz Frenette's Kona Modern Quilts line.

Thankful for helpers

I used the dot print on the back and one of the wonky stripe prints for the binding.

Thankful for helpers

This patchwork quilt uses charms from Kate Spain's Central Park line. I straight-line quilted on either side of each seam.

Central Park Baby Quilt

I used this animal print for the back, as well as two other prints from the line for the binding. I added a touch of pink and blue for a little pop as well in the top right corner.

Central Park Baby Quilt Back

Here's the last quilt. I had a bunch of random solid charms so I just put them all together into this little boy baby quilt.

Thankful for helpers

The backing is Dear Stella's Yard Sale in Cantaloupe. I made another scrappy binding out of blue, aqua, and lime, with a touch of orange for good measure.

Thankful for helpers


Tiffany said...

Cute quilts! Baby quilts always seem so rewarding to me, because you get a relatively quick finish. ALways nice to have a finish and not another WIP/UFO ;)

jeifner said...

I love Cynthia Frenette's Kona Modern line and the whole cloth quilt is gorgeous!

Stitch and Yarn said...

Ooo I like them all, but that top one is a stunner.


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