Monday, December 20, 2010

What projects will 2011 bring?

Elizabeth over at Don't Call Me Betsy has put together a list of projects she wants to work on in 2011. She's a list girl, you see, just like me. (I love it!) I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my own. Here goes.

1. A little while back I made my first cathedral windows pillow. I got this crazy idea that I should make an entire quilt using this method. So, 2011 will officially be my year of the cathedral quilt. I say 2011 because I don't want to put a due date on it, rather just have it be something I work on throughout the entire year, with a finished quilt come December.

cathedral 1

2. I'm participating in my first bee this year, the Sew Beautiful Bee. Elizabeth is the bee mama for this and I'm really excited for it. I've been tossing around ideas for the quilt I want to make and I'm actually really excited for what I've got planned. More on that as my month gets closer.


3. After I received my Pillow Talk Swap pillow, I decided that I wanted to make a quilt out of the goldfish fabric Mari sent me. My plan is to fussy cut each of those fishies, sash them in white, and then use blue and orange square in square blocks to make up the quilt. There will be 12 blocks on the front and three on the back. Ooh, I'm so excited!

Pillow Talk Swap 4 Received

4. The very fist quilt I finished was a quilt for my bed. I was so proud of myself, but now I'm rather embarrassed to say that I made it. I didn't know what I was doing and just quilted it by stitching in the ditch. The fabrics are so not me anymore. Another project for 2011 is to make a new quilt for my bed.

5 & 6. As combination birthday and Christmas gifts, I'm making quilts for two of my sisters (I have four of them). I've started on one (a zig zag quilt) and have the fabric for the other.

7. When I was six, we had a Japanese exchange student over the summer. His name was Hideyuki and I loved him! He brought us a bunch of fun things from Japan, including a few framed origami art of people (they're hard to describe). My mom and dad have them hanging in their bedroom. I told my mom I would make her a new quilt for her bed that has a more oriental feel than her current quilt does. This will be an interesting challenge for me as I've never made anything with a theme like that.

8. Also on the list is Rachel's Colorbrick quilt. I think hers is so pretty.

9. My son loves cars and trucks and pretty much anything with wheels. I want to make him a cars quilt out of some Wheels fabric by Riley Blake. I think I'll fussy cut the large print cars and make something similar to Allison's Orange Quilt.

10. Over the past year, I bought lots and lots of Figgy Pudding fabric whenever I could find it. I'm going to make myself a Christmas quilt so it will be all ready to use next year.

11. I have three quilt tops that need to be basted and quilted. I'm sure these will be lumped in with other unfinished projects that I've started this year.

12. Finally (since this list is getting pretty long), I plan on participating in more swaps this year. I've been in three swaps in the last couple months and have really enjoyed them.

PHEW! There you have it - my list for 2011. What projects will you be working on next year?


Elizabeth D. said...

Awesome list, Brooke! Thanks for linking up. I can't wait to see your Japanese feel quilt, did you see on Flickr the silk quilt that Cherri House just did? Just some food for thought... :)

Kati said...

I'm so jealous of your goldfish fabric. I need to just buy some before you can't find it at all. I am excited to see how your cathedral windows quilt comes along.

Lexilooo said...

Maybe I should make a list too, to keep myself organized and on track!

Love the goldfish fabric!

Also, I have a figgy pudding charm pack that I've been saving...for something...I don't know what yet!

emedoodle said...

Great list! I really recommend the color brick quilt. I'm just finishing one and it's pretty great!

Denise said...

Wow, that's ambitious. I can't wait to see your completed projects.

Megan said...

Great list! I added the cathedral windows quilt to my list just because of your pillow. Simple amazing! Also can't wait for the {Sew} Beautiful Bee to begin! Good luck on your 2011 goals and can't wait to watch them unfold!

Melanie said...

Great list! I can't wait to see all of your finished projects especially the goldfish! Happy Holidays!

felicity said...

Wow - terrific list. I am excited to see your Cathedral Windows quilt come together!

Lee said...

Great goals! Looking forward to seeing more on them!

Gosh, I didn't include any specific fabric that I want to use—if I did, I think my list would be a mile long. : ) I have that HR goldfish fabric too, but I'm afraid to cut into it because it's just so darn cute! Think I'll hoard mine a while longer ...

Happy 2011!

Diane said...

Great list... I was just thinking about my goals (once I get my last Christmas project done)for the new year and this is a great way to get it down.

Naturally Carol said...

Thanks for becoming my follower, I am now yours too. I haven't even thought about 2011 project wise..I think I am an impulsive creative..I get inspired by looking at the fabric...most of which I pick up on special!!!


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