Friday, December 17, 2010

Lizzy House's Studio Sale

I went to Lizzy House's studio sale tonight, and when I was leaving I kept thinking how I wish I had a camera so I could get a picture with her. Here I am, talking to this famous fabric designer, buying fabric from her, and she's talking to me and my sisters! It was awesome!

Lizzy is so down to earth and friendly and so ready and willing to give tips and advice to all of our questions. It was fun to meet her sister too and see all the amazing prints and hand-made goodies she had for sale.

I picked up a fat quarter bundle of Castle Peeps along with a cute little embroidery pattern of the bard that I want to make soon after Christmas.

Photo from Lizzy's blog.

If you're in the Salt Lake area, you should stop by Lizzy's for her studio sale tomorrow (Saturday, Dec 18) from 10 to 5.


Elizabeth D. said...

And this is why I want to live in Utah. There are probably more awesome LQSs per square inch, not to mention super awesome quilty bloggers, there than anywhere else, it seems! Green with envy, but I think it's super awesome that you got to meet Lizzy. I love her fabrics! :)

Di~ said...

How fun!
Brooke: What is a bard???


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