Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting close

I spent the day yesterday quilting our spring quilt and sewing the binding strips together. I was having problems getting my walking foot to work a few weeks ago so I started quilting the quilt by hand. It was taking forever. I talked to one of the ladies at the sewing shop and she showed me what I was doing wrong. I should have talked to her before spending three days hand quilting. Oh well. The goal today is to attach the binding and finish the quilt! Once that's done, I just have to finish the throw pillows and decide whether to sew the curtains or just buy some new ones that will match the color scheme. I can see the end in sight. It's only been a couple months in the making. Sheesh!

On Saturday night, I cut the layer cake and jelly roll for the Make Life quilt I'll make once my bedroom is finally put together.

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