Thursday, March 25, 2010

Setting Goals

As I work full-time from home and have two little ones constantly underfoot, my time for sewing is limited to after the kiddos are in bed and the weekends when I don't have other, more pressing things to get done. Needless to say, I don't always have the time to dedicate to sewing that I'd like to. So, I've set a few goals.

Now that I've finished my spring quilt, I've decided what quilt to work on next. But I also have several other projects in the works. So, here's my game plan.
  1. The majority of my sewing time will be spent working on the Make Life quilt.
  2. Every two weeks I will make the block for the jelly roll quilt along I'm participating in.
  3. Additionally, I will make one block a week for the quilt that started it all three years ago when my SIL organized a family quilt group (even though we only had one session).
  4. Then, if other things come up here and there, I can work on smaller projects like this or this.

I have a lot more fabric that I'd like to work on turning into something, but I'm going to try really hard not to start any more projects and instead work on those that I've already begun. I did manage to take some time yesterday to decide what to do with all my Blush fabric (a charm pack, layer cake, six fat quarters, and some yardage). After deciding what to do, I came upon this post that closely matches what I had in mind. (As a side note, you know that you're thinking about it too much if you lay awake at night or dream about how to make it work.)

So there you have it, my game plan. I think it's totally doable, and outlining the steps will help me achieve my goals.


-A said...

Did I ever send you all the blocks for that quilt? I have them in my email somewhere I'm sure.

Brooke said...

No, but it's okay. I've cut out several more block pieces for the same design. I decided to just do the quilt with the same block with little color variations here and there.


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