Monday, February 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Therapy Edition (2/29/12)

Mondays are generally crummy. This last Monday was especially so. First, I woke up with a migraine, complete with nausea and vomiting. Then a mom threatened to hit my son in the face because he hit her daughter (which was totally not okay for either of them). And to top it all off, we learned that my son's name wasn't drawn in the lottery for attending this school we wanted him to go to so now he's on the waiting list. It was a pretty terrible day all around.

I was definitely in need of some sewing therapy! And that brings me to WIP Wednesday.

On Friday, I put together this quilt top using the Single Girl/Retro flower pillow top I tried out for the Pillow Talk Swap. Everything came from my stash, including the backing! (This cell phone pic is what I posted to Facebook. I'll have better shots once I finish the quilt.)

I also made another iPad cover using Faith's tutorial:

iPad case

iPad case

And a notebook cover:

Notebook Cover Prototype

Notebook Cover Prototype

I've been cutting out more squares for my Granny Squares quilt. I'm excited to get started on that one soon. I also cut out the fabric to make another iPad case for my sister.

So, there you have it. A short and sweet WIP Wednesday report. Here's this week's stats:

Finished: 2
In Progress: 10
New (but finished): 2

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


sukie said...

Who is this mom? I'll kick her ass! WTH dude.

Katie B. said...

Good grief, that's nuts! I hope your week has improved!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

I'm with Amy and Katie, that is SO not cool! Wow! I sure hope the rest of your week turns out better than the way it started :)

Jessica said...

Oh no! Looks like you have a whole team who will go kick this lady's behind for you! Your projects are looking great though, hope your weeks turns around :-)

Lee said...

Sewing therapy is always a good thing! I love the iPad cover with old radios on it—perfect!! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

felicity said...

I get the whole Mama Bear thing but threatening another child? Unacceptable! I'm so sorry your day was so lousy. But I do love your sewing!

Sara said...

People need to spread love, not punches. What a mean mama!

What is going on with all the waiting lists to get into schools too? Maybe we need to build more schools??

Your quilt is soooo cool. I adore it So much!

The Thompsons said...

Ya- that's a pretty crumby Monday. Good thing there's sewing therapy. I love all of your projects. They look wonderful!

Kati said...

I hope things are going better. I love your quilt by the way. The retro flowers pattern is really growing on me. I told my husband your story and he said he would have called the police on her. What is the world was that woman thinking!! I hope your son is okay.


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