Monday, November 12, 2012

Finished Modern Meadow Spring Carnival Pillow

Some time after Spring Quilt Market, Sukie brought the gorgeous Spring Carnival pillows that Katy gave her to our monthly SLC Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I had seen the pillows on Katy’s blog, but I about died actually seeing them in person. Absolutely amazing – and HUGE! The next day, I printed off the templates and set to work on my own.

Fast forward a couple months to Sewing Summit. Katy taught a class on English paper piecing, and while I already had tried my hand at the Spring Carnival pattern (which is what Katy taught in the class), I wanted to learn from her to make sure I was doing it the right way. I also started a new version and love how the pattern changes based on where you decide to place your fabric.

Here is my first version, which I turned into a pillow that is ready to be gifted for Christmas. I used mostly prints from Joel Dewberry’s Modern Meadow line with the addition of a DS Quilts print (the blue/teal-ish circle). I bought the Modern Meadow fabric ages ago because I really love the large medallion print. I fussy cut those medallions for this pillow.

Spring Carnival Pillow

For the back, I made another hidden zipper enclosure and used more of the JD prints. This really is such a slick way to finish the pillow. I think next time, though, I’ll try offsetting the fabric rather than installing the zipper in the middle of the pillow.
Spring Carnival Pillow

Last month, I added a few more sewing books to my library. I happened to have 60%, 50%, and 40% off coupons for Joann’s and decided I’d use them on books. I usually order things like this from Amazon and get free shipping with my prime account. I seriously scored on these. (You can’t beat getting three books and an Accuquilt die for $50 – although I don’t think I was supposed to get the discount on the die, but I won’t complain!)
New books to add to my library

Sara from Sew Sweetness mentioned the Bag for All Reasons book in her Sewing Summit class. I thumbed through it at the store and there are some really great bag projects in there that I want to make.

Come back Wednesday to see the project I made for the Ruby Star Wrap-Along.


Kelsey said...

Beautiful pillow!! I've been using my coupons for books at Joann's as well! Can't beat the price!

sukie said...

Love you pillow!

sukie said...

p.s do I have to say what zone you're in? CAUSE YOU'RE ALREADY THERE!!!

Barbie Mills said...

This turned out great, Brooke! Coupons for books sounds like a perfect idea.

Cille said...

I love the Spring carnival too. I started a quilt this summer and love making a little on it when watching TV.
Great book buys :)

Nana J said...

As always, sew beautiful!

Jodi said...

This is beautiful! Can I ask you how big is it and what size paper pieces you used? Thanks!


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