Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Busy Week

My to-do list for the week is a mile long. My sisters and I are having a garage sale on Saturday, my three-year-old started at a new preschool on Monday, I've been trying to finish up the charity quilt (binding to be done tonight), and I have a lot of last minute to-dos for our Super Saturday (annual Saturday craft day for the women in my church congregation) announcement this Sunday.

I also had some health problems over the weekend, adding to the stress around our house. I used sewing as therapy and made a lunch sack, reusable snack bags, and a baby quilt top this weekend, in addition to quilting the charity quilt.

But, as I haven't had time to take pictures of any of those things yet, I thought I'd show you one of the projects we may offer at our Super Saturday activity. I already showed you the appliqué tree pillow. We're having a couple of wood projects, including these countdown blocks. I made these for Halloween last year, but the women can make them for any holiday they want just by changing the scrapbook paper.

I bought a 4x4 at Home Depot, had my hubby cut it into blocks for me, and then sanded and painted them. I bought a couple Halloween scrapbook pages, and had my sister cut me some vinyl numbers. I went with a non-traditional Halloween color (blue) for the paint and really like how it turned out. Although, my sister used the same paper, but painted her blocks black and they look great.

I made countdown to Christmas blocks, but I don't love the scrapbook paper I chose. I think I'll redo them this year to match the colors of my tree (ornaments, tree skirt, etc.) rather than using the traditional red and green color scheme.


Peggy said...

How did you make your reusable lunch sack? We keep buying them but I havne't found one that I like so I will probably resort to making my own. Did you use any of the insulated "stuff" between the layers? I am hoping to come up with something to help retain coolness but is higly washable. (As in I can throw in the machine w/ jeans!! 3 boys=messy lunch bags)

Thanks a ton!! I love the count-down blocks!

Megan said...

I love these blocks! I've been thinking about wrangling my husband to help me do something similar for his sister, who's pregnant. Have you seen this modpodge tutorial?

Denise said...

Those blocks are very cute!


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