Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finished Rocket Me to the Moon

During my time off work last week, I finished the quilt for my son's bed, Rocket Me to the Moon.

I knew I wanted to quilt this one with something other than all-over loops, but it took a little while to decide exactly what I wanted to do. I started by outlining each square with a stitch about 1/4" inside the square on all sides. Then I was going to quilt the blue sashing only. But, then I thought it would be more fun to free-hand stars, planets, moon rocks, and an alien robot within each square instead.

Here are some moon rocks (free-motion pebbles).

Here are some stars.

The planet Saturn on the front.

And how it looks on the back.

And finally, a little alien robot on the front.

And back.

When I finished quilting all the squares, I almost left it at that, but then felt like the sashing was missing something. So, I quilted some wiggly lines vertically and horizontally along every sashing line. I like how it gives each square its own frame.

I bound the quilt in the same rocket wave fabric as the large squares on the quilt top and the waves make nice wavy stripes on the binding.

While the quilt was washing and drying, I made a matching pillowcase with the last of the rocket waves fabric. It was lacking a little something on the end so I appliquéd the same rockets that are on the back of the quilt and on the curtains in my son's room.

I wanted to get a picture of the entire quilt, but the grass was wet this morning and I don't have any helpers today to help me hold the quilt up. Oh well. You get the idea.

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Denise said...

What a lucky boy! I bet he loves it.

Leslie said...

this is absolutely amazing...i love love love the quilting you did

Jennifer said...

You're amazing! Your freehand quilting is so fun.

Jessica said...

Wow, looks amazing! Great job!

Bellgirl said...

The quilting details look wonderful! I love the robot :)

Nancy Sue said...

Oh my goodness! How awesome! Especially love the alien!!!!!
Expect your son to go B-A-nanas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quiltstory said...

Oh my word!! THat is ridiculously cute!! And that quilting is to die for!!

Thanks for linking up this week, so you next time :)

emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

This is a wonderful quilt, I love it!


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