Monday, August 16, 2010

Scrapbuster Pillow (my version)

Before I got into quilting last December, I saw this pillow by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew and knew I had to make one. (By the way, I'm pretty sure that her blog was the catalyst that started me wanting to learn how to quilt. She's uber talented!) Alas, other projects got in the way and I never got around to making the pillow.

Fast forward several months to last week. I'm on a committee for my church group that plans activities for the adult women in our congregation (ward) and we've started talking about hosting a crafting Saturday in November (we call it Super Saturday). Of course, my wheels started spinning and I woke up several times during the night throughout the week to jot down ideas of things we can make in the four-hour timeframe for our Super Saturday. One of those ideas was Allison's appliquéd tree pillow.

On Tuesday, we're having another meeting to finalize the projects/crafts to make, so I finally started on the pillow last night.

I pulled out some scraps from Freebird Picnic (the brown was perfect for the tree trunk), and set to work. I didn't put as many leaves on my tree because I used all the heat'n bond that I had on hand.

I followed Allison's tutorial and found her way of laying the fabric on the fusible material so much better (and easier) than the way I usually do it. I'm pretty much a waste-hater so I usually try not to waste, even if it makes my process harder. But, I think Allison's way is much much easier.

After placing all the leaves where I wanted them, I pressed them onto the fabric to be used as the pillow front (I used a Kona cotton that I had on hand, but you can certainly use a heavier weight fabric like Allison did).

Before stitching the leaves and trunk, I played around with some of my machine's decorative stitches. I initially planned on doing a blanket stitch, but then tried out this leaf design and really liked how it looked on each scrap of fabric. On a couple of leaves that didn't have a lot of contrast, I added a seam down the center of the leaf to look like its main vein.

I plan on finishing the pillow tonight so it will be good to go tomorrow for our meeting. It will be rectangular since I wanted the tree trunk to be a tad longer.

I think this is such a great way to use up scraps and to personalize your space. I'm thinking about more and more pillows/pillow covers I can make to go with the different holidays and special occasions that we celebrate at our house.


Kati said...

I love it. I have wanted to make one of those pillows as well. I especially like your stitch.

Debbie Cook said...

Great pillow! Allison/CCS inspires me to quilt too (I'm usually a garment sewer).a

Sara said...

I have been eying this pillow up too--just haven't done one yet, but there is a family tree type design that Alicia from Posie Gets Cosy has that I am going to attempt real soon;) BTW, yours looks terrific!

Nana J said...

You are so clever! This is very, very cute.

Marie said...

Hi Brooke......I have to tell you I always love your stuff. This pillow is so cute and I especially love the stitching on the leaves/trunk. I love to look at CCS and think her stuff is super cute, but I'm not a quilter. I just recently saw this pillow on her website and thought maybe that's something I could attempt. So now my questions to you: When is your Super Saturday? How much will the pillow cost? And can I come be a guest and make it that day???? It would be a good reason to see you and I'd love to be taught by you and have a darling pillow to take home!!! Let me know!

Peggy said...

Isn't this pillow the greatest?! I have mine planned out (since before Christmas!!!) but it still sits unfinished... And isn't Allison wonderful!?! She has been so helpful in starting me back on my journey of sewing! She is so gracious and is more than willing to offer sound advice.

I love what all you have been doing! Keep up the great work!!! :)


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