Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finished Freebird Picnic

I finished Jessica's Freebird Picnic quilt last week and gave it to her this past Sunday. I think she was pleased with it.

I had a bugger of a time with the free-motion quilting this time around. The tension kept getting all screwy on the back and I think I unpicked several sections at least 10 times. Good thing I love you, Jess. If it were any other quilt I may have just left the back as is.

I liked the dot fabric for the binding because it really does give it a little pop. I had heard that some people don't like using dots on bindings because it's hard to get the dots to line up. I definitely had that problem here, but it only bugs me when the quilt is laid out as in the first picture. Otherwise, I really like it. I ended up buying another yard of the dots fabric to make my daughter a dress.

I did all-over loops on the main part of the quilt. Then I quilted a straight line 1/4" into the brown border, and finished the quilting with a wavy stitch through the middle of the border.

I wish I was better at free-motion quilting. And maybe quilting in general. My favorite part of making quilts is piecing the top. I think because that's what looks the most like the quilt. The rest of the process is just a necessary evil. Well, not evil, but you know what I mean.

Next up? I need to make some progress on a charity quilt as it's due in about three weeks. I'm also turning the top of my son's quilt into the back (ya know, since it's so ugly) and need to piece the squares that I cut for the new top. We bought him a big boy bed and will be getting the mattress and box springs soon. I want to have the quilt ready to go when we get the bed set up.


NorthernStar said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Those fabrics are perfect for that pattern and you've done an amazing job. I really like the line of contrast stitching in the border and I love spotty bindings.

Dee said...

Great looking quilt! And I'm with you on the quilting. I LOVE making quilt tops, but I'm not such a fan of quilting them.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Brooke:
Your quilt is lovely! I always enjoy visiting, although I don't always comment. Looking forward to your next work of art.

Tanya said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Love that design, and the binding dots are fun.

josh healy said...

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Anonymous said...

There is no way that you have only been quilting for a short time...your quilts are beautiful!! I'm also new to quilting, but mine look like I'm a newbie!!


Jess said...

You would be correct. I absolutely love my quilt and it looks great on my bed. I was marveling at it again just yesterday. You did an amazing job.

Crystal Hendrix said...

Oh it looks adorable!!! I love it! You did an awesome job!

Becky said...

Hey Brooke, It's Becky-the new girl from quilt group. I LOVE LOVE that quilt. It is beautiful! Good job! Can't wait to learn from you!

trish said...

What a fabulous quilt!! I love the colors you used and especially those polka dots. :o)
I hope you are having a nice weekend.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

amy smart said...

This quilt is amazing! I love it. Freebird is my latest favorite. I love what you've done with it.


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