Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bee Blocks and Other Stuff

November is Lee's month in the Sew Beautiful Bee. I got her fabric on Halloween and since I hadn't yet mailed back Katie's block, I thought I should hurry and make Lee's so I only had to go to the post office once.

Lee asked for trees of any kind. I really like making these ones. I made my first tree when Cara asked for house blocks, so I thought a little forest for Lee would be good. She sent an assortment of green, yellow, orange, and brown fabric with Essex linen, which she wanted us to use for the background (LOVE it!). Can you tell that the brown fabric on the left side is a closeup of a tree trunk? That's what I was going for there, but I'm not sure I pulled it off.

Sew Beautiful Block for Lee

A few of us in the SLC Modern Quilt Guild are in a little bee for our guild. Kati asked for string blocks for this month. This is my first time making these string blocks (gasp!), and I totally loved it. I was so tempted to forget my goal of not starting any new projects and cut up some fabric for new throw pillows for my couch.

String Block (2) for Kati

Kati sent blue, green, yellow, orange, and gray fabric and asked that we not trim the tails or square up the blocks. These are 12.5 inches so Kati will have some nice sized finished blocks when she puts her quilt together.

String Block (1) for Kati

I'm also participating in the second round of Kati's Color Wheel Charm Swap. This round is focusing on lights and darks of our assigned color. My color is orange.

Click the photos below (images courtesy Hawthorne Threads) for the make and model of these fabrics.

Light orange

Dark orange

Looks like I've got a bunch of fabric to cut. I better get to it.

Also, see the post below for my Blogger's Quilt Festival entry.


Peggy said...

What great blocks! I have a bunch of fabric just sitting on the shelf waiting to be used and now I have some great ideas! Thanks!!

Kati said...

I'm so excited to see those blocks you did for my quilt. I didn't make any with these fabrics yet because I figured I'd just use the leftover scraps to make the rest. I love your tree blocks too. I have to decide how to put mine together.

Jill@northstarquilting said...

Your little trees are really cute and the large panel on the left makes it look like you're peeking at them from behind a tree.

Your orange fabrics are gorgeous too!

sukie said...

For a gal with a new baby you're sewing more than I am! Love it all!

Lee said...

I totally knew what you were going for with the close-up tree trunk along the side! I got the block the other day and I just love it, it's beautiful. Thanks! : )


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