Friday, April 15, 2011

Urban Home Goods Swap Received

I should have posted about the goodies I received in the Urban Home Goods Swap a while ago as I received my package back in March. Jamie, stitch_girl, was my partner in round 4 of the Pillow Talk Swap. When I saw the photos she posted in the Flickr group of this bag and pincushion, I thought there was no way they were mine. But, what are the odds?! They wound up at my door.

She made me this gorgeous market bag and this adorable pear pincushion, complete with some fun pins.

Urban Home Goods Received

She used fabric from both the Far Far Away and Far Far Away 2 lines by Heather Ross. Love it! Her choice of fabric for the straps was perfect too. Once I saw how well the Modern Meadow and Far Far Away 2 colors went together, I ordered some to use as the binding on my Far Far Away 2 Kitchen Windows quilt.

Here's sleeping beauty as the pocket on one side of the bag.

Urban Home Goods Received

And the frog prince on the other pocket.

Urban Home Goods Received

Jamie and I seriously must have been on the same wave length because as she was making this bag and using this exact little guy for the pocket, I was using him in the mini quilt I made for my Make Mine Modern Swap partner.

MMM Mini Quilt Sneak Peek

Here's a closeup of the pear pincushion that I absolutely adore! Jamie did such a good job on the construction. And look at the hand-stitching of the veins on the leaf!

Urban Home Goods Received

Even her stitching on the stem is perfect. And I love these leaf pins. I want to go buy more of them because they're so nice and sturdy.

Urban Home Goods Received

Thanks again, Jamie! You really did a great job putting this package together for me. I totally love everything about it!


Lindsay Conner said...

That bag...the pincushion! So cute. :)

MiniBinoy said...
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MiniBinoy said...

that bag is really pretty.. i luv the colours used.. cute pin cushion!:)

Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

Hi! I just found your blog and like what I see and am now a follower. I love your quilts, colors and style. I love to look and dream of all the things I will never get done. : ) It is fun though. I am just starting to blog also so I enjoy checking other out. Thanks for sharing.

Susie said...

So adorable, you are one lucky lady!


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