Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sewing Update

So, I've been more of a slacker with this blog than I thought I'd be after getting over the sick part of being pregnant. I've been sewing, but I just haven't made the time to take pictures of anything. I want to blame it on the cruddy weather we had up through Sunday (thanks, Mother Nature, for sending me not only rain on my birthday last week, but snow too!), but I know it's just my laziness winning out.

I finished the quilt top and backing for my Far Far Away 2 Kitchen Windows bed quilt. After much anxiety, I decided to send it out for quilting. I've never been willing to spend money on long-arm quilting since I figured I have the means to quilt myself, but this quilt is huge (between a king and a queen) and I knew I'd kill my back if I tried to baste it and quilt it myself. (A bad back plus no support due to an ever-expanding belly equals a lot of back pain.) So, I searched around and found a lady near my inlaws who is quilting it for me for a pretty good price. I should get it back next week. Once I get it bound and washed up, I'll post pictures of it.

While that quilt has been at the quilter's, I started item #3 on my 2011 quilty to-do list: my Goldfish quilt.

Goldfish Squares Quilt

I had already fussy cut 20 goldfish out, and then I added a little bit of white around each fish. Then I used 3" strips of orange and blue fabrics to create each block. The sashing is Kona stone. I plan to add an additional border of the orange and blue stripes fabric from Heather Ross' Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries line to make it big enough for a lap quilt.

Goldfish Squares Quilt

Goldfish Squares Quilt

Several people have asked if I was making this quilt for our baby. That wasn't initially what I had in mind, but I have some more fish that I can use to make a baby-size version of this quilt...if I can keep some sewing momentum going through the summer.


Naturally Carol said...

This quilt is very the little fish and the colours that this quilt incorporates..just so cute!

Rhonda said...

love your goldfish quilt. the little fishes are too cute.

felicity said...

Aw, super cute goldfish!!

Kati said...

LOVE your goldfish quilt. I didn't realize you were doing the aqua too. It's perfect. I just might copy you. It's turning out so cute.

Elizabeth D. said...

Super cute! This is kind of what I have in mind whenever I get around to making a Heather Ross quilt. I just love what you did with this. The orange and aqua are just perfect together with these fishies. So adorable! :)

NorthernStar said...

Those fish are so adorable! I love the blues and oranges you's put with them.

A.J. Dub. said...

Your quilt top turned out so cute! Great colors!

Mary said...

This looks amazing! I've been hoarding some goldfish and I love this idea. Aqua + tangerine is one of my favorite color combos!

Rachel said...

I love how wisely you are using your little fishes.

Sending the quilt to be quilted is a smart move. I'm quilting a large quilt. Never again. It is physically hard to do. I feel like I'll never be done.

Wendy said...

The goldfish quilt is gorgeous! I love the orange and blue together and all those little fish in bags


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