Friday, November 12, 2010

PTS4 Fabric Audition

I'm auditioning a few fabric combos for my partner in round 4 of the Pillow Talk Swap. Here's one with oranges, yellows, greens, and a bit of linen. What do you think? Too drab?

Pillow Talk Swap 4 Fabric Ideas


Jessica said...

I don't think it is drab at all! I love the Meadowsweet butterflies!

Leslie said...

not too drab at all...i love all those fabrics together

Duff said...

You've got a nice, varied selection of neutrals. Maybe throw in a pop of blue to pull out the blue in the toasters (something stronger than the blue in the stripe)?

Rachel said...

I think you've got a great variety. If it feels too drab as an end product, use a larger portion of one of the bright pieces, like orange dots.

I love the bicycle prints. :)

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

i don't think they are drab at all but i definitely think a pop of color would look great. The blender fabric is super adorable!!


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