Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Baby Quilt

Megan, if you're reading this and don't want to see your baby shower present, please stop reading this.

Back when I made my first baby quilt, the mister's cousin wanted it. I told her I would make one for her when she had a baby. Well, she's pregnant with her first and we're having a shower for her on Thanksgiving. I pulled out the Make Life charm packs I had bought to make her quilt and decided that I wanted a different design that would allow for a bigger quilt. I asked if we could do a different design and she said sure. So, I went for a simple patchwork quilt with about one inch strips for the sashing. I'm hoping to get it basted tonight so I can start the quilting. Afterall, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Ack!

Thanks also to all of you who commented on my cathedral windows pillow. I wanted to reply to each of you, but time got away from me I hope you'll all know how much I really appreciate all the pillow-love sent my way.


Denise said...

So Cute. Lucky Megan.

winnie said...

love this one!

Leslie said...

this is adorable.

traceyjay said...

what a fun baby quilt!


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