Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finished Nordika Scrappy Trip Quilt

A couple days before Christmas, I wrote about some of my 2014 goals. The first item on my list was a scrappy trip quilt using Nordika by Jeni Baker. I really loved my first scrappy trip quilt that I made for my nephew. When I bought some Nordika and coordinating solids and oval elements from Art Gallery, I knew I wanted to make another scrappy trip quilt for me. After Christmas, I got the itch to start this quilt, and I finished it a couple days after the new year. Not bad for accomplishing my first goal of 2014 so soon into the new year.

I initially planned to use the same layout as my first scrappy trip quilt, but after piecing a couple rows together, I changed my mind and used this layout instead.

It's funny that my favorite block, which is made up of blue, gray, black, and berry, really jumps out at me in this quilt (fourth row from the left, fourth block down).

Nordika Scrappy Trip Quilt

For the backing, I used a variety of solid flannel strips that coordinated with the colors on the front.

Nordika Scrappy Trip Quilt

The binding is the yellow bias plaid print from Nordika, which ended up being the perfect fit! I stipple quilted on the sides and then I quilted the rest in meandering loops.

The quilt measures about 72 inches square and it's been in constant use at my house for the past two months--my favorite!


Cille said...

Great layout... It certainly looks like a warm and compfy quilt :)

Betsy said...

Brook it's lovely. I just finished one too

Sharon said...

this turned out great! the colors in Nordika are so nice, glad you get to keep this one.
I really like the way you laid out the blocks, I haven't seen a scrappy trip done like that, great job!

Unknown said...

Love this Brooke, great layout!!

Cheryl said...

Love the colors and layout!

AnneMarie said...

Love it Brooke! Isn't flannel backing the best? We only have one quilt back in flannel and we've all been fighting for it this cold winter. I'm making another as we speak. congrats on meeting a goal and a beautiful finish!

thepalmierifamily said...

Did it take forever to piece? I love the snow capped mountain in the back ground of the shot of the back of the quilt. :) Home sweet home.


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