Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cuckoo Divided Basket

I like to make handmade gifts for people, especially those that I know appreciate the time and effort that go into making something myself. My sister is one of those people. I couldn't come up with an idea for her for Christmas, but then she rearranged her bedroom and needed a better way to organize some of the stuff she keeps by the side of her bed. Enter the divided basket pattern by Anna at Noodlehead. I had bought the pattern a little while before, but hadn't yet tried it out. So, I gathered the needed supplies and went to work.

Divided Basket for Hawley

I picked this cuckoo clock print as my focal fabric and then pulled some other prints from my stash.

Divided Basket for Hawley

I decided not to cover the webbing with fabric to eliminate an extra step, but I do think that the baskets I've seen that have fabric covered handles are super cute.

I also think that the center divider needs something a little stiffer. It definitely serves its purpose by separating the items in the basket, but I think I'll switch it up a little bit next time. I also want to play around with adding more dividers. My mom asked for a basket like this and that she can insert into her ginormous purse that can help organize the contents a little better. I'll have to fiddle with the pattern a bit to get it to work the way I want.

Divided Basket for Hawley

I'm really pleased with how the basket turned out and plan to make a bunch more. I can see a lot of fun color combos playing well in this basket. I think it would be fun too to leave out the divider and have a nice big basket for storing some of my little one's toys in downstairs in the living room.

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NorahS said...

Fun basket! Love the new look of the blog. Very nice!


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