Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finished Pixelated Heart Quilt

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In my WIP tracking post, I briefly mentioned this pixelated heart quilt and that I was making it before I knew what I was doing. You see, I had seen Amanda’s version of Jolene’s heart quilt a couple weeks ago and I just absolutely fell in love with it. Then I saw my friend Kara’s version on Instagram and wanted to make my own that much more. I’m not much of a fan of hearts, but I really loved Amanda’s quilt top. I loved it so much that I couldn’t stop thinking about it that Friday. (Do you ever do that?) When I got home from work, I pulled fabrics and then started cutting squares that night.

I didn’t think I would have enough low volume prints to use as the background, so I opted to reverse the design. After cutting all my charms, though, I saw that I easily would have had plenty of low volume prints to do it the original way. Oh well. I guess I made it my own.

Pixelated Heart Quilt

This is not my typical color scheme at all. It has a deep, jewel-tone feel to me and usually I’m drawn to brights. So this was a fun step-outside-my-comfort-zone project that I actually really ended up liking when it was all finished.

For the back, I used several fat quarters of Michael Miller cotton couture solids in purples and pinks that I won in the Fall for Solids Challenge. This was the perfect use for them as I rarely use pink and purple in my quilts. I threw in a few more pink fat quarters and other scraps as well to fill in the holes.

Pixelated Heart Quilt

I made a scrappy binding out of some red, purple, and pink Free Spirit blenders that were also in the Fall for Solids prize pack.

As for the quilting, I think there are four different thread colors in this one: red, burgundy, purple, and white. I used the reds and purple in the background and white in the heart. I quilted the quilt in meandering loops.

The quilt measures about 66 inches square and has been a nice couch quilt that we’ve been enjoying this past week.


Barbie Mills said...

Oh my goodness, Brooke, I LOVE this! I really liked Amanda's, but I like this one even more. Maybe it's the purples. I think it worked great to have the low-volume prints in the center.

Katie B said...

I adore this, Brooke! I've been collecting some low volume prints so I can make my own, but now I can't decide if I want to make one like Amanda's or one like yours!!

Anita said...

Your heart came out really cute! Love the reverse low volume :)

Debbie said...

Very fun!!

Slrpycow said...

This is fabulous! I love the reverse and the intense colors make it that much better. Great job!

Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said...

Yours is so pretty!!! I have to admit I am pretty jealous yours is finished :)

daniela said...

this quilt is amazing!
and i think i finally found the perfect quilt for my heather ross mermaids :)

Patti said...

Clever girl you. I made mine the other way around. Maybe I'll make the next one this way around as I need to make at least two more of these quilts if not three more.

Nikita said...

Funny..I couldn't stop thinking about the quilt she made as well and ordered up some fabrics and made one too.. but now I am stumped as far as the quilting goes.


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