Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Sewing 2012 Part 1: The Bags, The Pouches, and The Randoms

Every year for Christmas, I try to tackle a few handmade gifts. Not all my recipients are lovers of handmade goods, and I know that realistically, I couldn't make handmade gifts for everyone even if I wanted to. Here are the non-quilt things I managed to eek out before Christmas.

I made this Jane Market Bag for one of my nieces. She loves pink, blue, purple, and yellow so I combined some fabrics from my stash, and was actually kind of shocked to have enough yardage in the pinks and purples to put this bag together for her.


The fabrics are from Anna Maria Horner, Sarah Jane, and Aneela Hoey. I can't remember the designer of the inside fabric, but I think it's called Trellis in Purple or something like that.


I also made the same niece this simple pillowcase using a Joel Dewberry print and the same Anna Marie Horner print, but in a different colorway. It came together nicely, but I really think having a trim would have added that much more to the pillow. Tutorial here.


My mom's friend spends Christmas with us every year. She likes to shop so I made her a Jane Market Bag too. This one in a Robert Kaufman (?) blender fabric with Aneela Hoey, and a Riley Blake print on the inside.


Pattern available here.


For my coworkers, I had grand plans to make zipper pouches and fill them with useful items (hand sanitizer, band-aids, etc.), but then I realized I had zero time before Christmas and ended up scrapping the plan after making these two pouches.


One did go to a coworker and fellow quilty friend...


...and the other was sent to a far-off friend as a New Year's gift.


I used Anna's open wide zipper pouch tutorial for the zig zag pouch. I love her tip for the beginning of the zipper, and have started incorporating that technique into the pouches I've made since.


I made a few more various-sized pouches. This first one is for holding some of my son's cars. It doesn't have an interfacing of any kind, which makes this more of a bag and can mold around his cars easier.

Car pouch

For my mother-in-law, we gave her a gift card to West Elm. I made a small pouch to hold the gift card and it can double as a coin purse.

Change Purse


The last pouch I made was to house this set of felt mustaches for my nephew. I thought that mustached kite was pretty cute too.


Oh, and I made stockings for my family this year. I used leftover pieces of fabric that I'll (eventually) be making my Christmas quilt out of, Figgy Pudding by Basic Gray. I used the stocking tutorial from Fabric Worm - it has the best shaped foot to it. Then my sister embroidered the names on the cuffs with her embroidery machine for me. I didn't have enough fabric to make each of them out of a single print, which I like the best out of the five I made. I wish I would have pieced the last two with strips running in a different direction. Maybe I'll remake those two. Or maybe not.


That wraps up part 1 of my Christmas sewing. Up next, the quilts.


prsd4tim2 said...

Great finishes! Lovely gifts!

Debbie said...

all very cool and I think your stockings are terrific just so!

Jessica Kelly said...

Love it all! You were quite busy, love those Jane Market totes, the blender fabric is adorable!

Katie B. said...

Very nice! I love those Jane market totes.

thepalmierifamily said...

Wow, you were one busy girl! They are all so cute and I hope they were all loved! I had a frantic getting Christmas gifts made too.

Barbie Mills said...

These look great! Your zippers really do look nice, I'm checking out that tutorial now.

I love your stockings too.

Scrapbean said...

super adorable mustache gift! Love that kite fabric... going to hunt that down!

Scrapbean said...

super adorable mustache gift! Love that kite fabric... going to hunt that down!


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