Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Heather Ross’ 2012 Studio Sale

A couple years ago, two of my friends brought their Heather Ross packages to one of the SLMQG monthly meetings. I didn’t know about Heather’s annual studio sale at the time and thought it was such a fun idea.

This year, when Heather announced that she’d be doing the sale again, I ordered a package right away. After reading about some people’s disappointment with their packages in the Flickr group, I started getting nervous. But, I was determined to have a good attitude about it, convinced that I’d be happy with anything Heather chose to send me.

I neglected to check the correct email address when watching for my shipping notification. So, I was really excited to just find my package sitting in my mailbox a couple weeks ago.

Here’s what I got:

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

When ordering each package, Heather asked us to tell her about ourselves, our families, and our interests. I told her about my kids and my hobbies. I think she did a great job pulling items together to send me.

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

This ADORABLE Munki Munki sock monkey dress fits my baby perfectly.

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

And she looks so stinkin' cute in it! (I'll post a picture of her soon - promise.)

There is also this Walden Surfboards tank that doesn’t fit my middle daughter yet, but she’ll grow into it.
Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

Also included in my package were fat quarters of a Crafty Chloe print, which I already have, but was happy to receive more of; and three prints from Heather’s Nursery Versery line. I had the little pigs in gray already (my two older kids take it off my shelf all the time to sing the song with their toes) and was excited to get more piggies and the other two prints.

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

I think this next item was meant specifically for my son. Heather included this adorable sketch of Bert, the dog from the Crafty Chloe book, which she signed. I’ve since framed it and have it hanging in my son’s room.

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

We had a Crafty Chloe-themed birthday for my older daughter this year so she was excited to get her very own Crafty Chloe retractable measuring tape. There were two in the package, so I’m claiming the other one.

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

The last item in my package was this Crafty Chloe promotional poster addressed to my kids and signed by Heather.

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

The back has some fun little worksheet games that my son wanted to do right away, but I wouldn’t let him. (I'm so mean!) A friend suggested I make copies of it so he can do the games and puzzles that way instead.

Heather Ross Studio Sale 2012

Overall, I was really pleased with the package I received. I feel bad that others were less than thrilled about theirs, but I feel like I got a great package and definitely want to participate again.


Deanna said...

Wow - you get a personalized pkg from Heather Ross? How do I get in on that!?

Jenny said...

I actually haven't gotten mine yet. There have been snafus . . . . In fact, after several email exchanges in which I thought everything was worked out, I can't seem to get any more response from her. :-( Your package looks great, though.


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