Thursday, October 25, 2012

4x5 Bee Blocks and October Sew Beautiful Bee Block

Last year, Sukie talked me into participating in the 4x5 bee that she was heading up on Flickr. I participated in the first round, but had so many other things going on that I didn’t join in on any other rounds (quarters). I’ve had my five blocks sitting in a drawer since then and decided it was time to do it once more so I could collect a few more blocks and put a quilt together.

For the girls in my hive, I made these broken herringbone blocks. (Check out the pouch I made using a modified version of this block here.) I’ve loved my group. Everyone picked great color combos, which I was lucky enough to have on-hand already, and everyone’s been really active in our discussion thread on Flickr.

Here are the blocks:

4x5 bee block for Kelleighz

4x5 bee block for Bruinbr

4x5 bee block for Kimethameliea

4x5 bee block for Angelina79

4x5 bee block for MandaMadeQuilts

Friday nights seem to be when I get the most sewing done so last week I also managed to make this feather bed block (free block tutorial by Anna Maria Honer) for Katie for her month in the Sew Beautiful Bee.

Feather Bed Quilt Block for Katie (kldemare)

The Field Study, Indie, and Quilter’s linen work so well together in this block.

Now that I’ve finished all my bee blocks for now, I need to get cracking on finishing up my Pillow Talk Swap pillow. I made a list of all the projects I’d like to finish by Christmas. It’s a bit overwhelming so I need to work hard at being as efficient as possible.


Barbie Mills said...

These blocks looks great, Brooke! I can't decide which one I like best.

sukie said...

I love your bee blocks!!!

Anne said...

I love your feather blocks, and your broken herringbones are awesome!

That green and black combo is amazing!

bruinbr said...

Thank you for the awesome bee block and the hexie flower! So glad to have been in the same hive as you. The feather blocks are amazing too! :)

The Thompsons said...

The bee blocks are beautiful! I particularly love the black etched one. It makes the colors pop!

Debbie said...

those herringbone blocks are really striking!


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