Saturday, August 11, 2012

A few random sewing projects, part 2

Tuesday was my anniversary. The mister had to work late, so I thought I'd start a new EPP (English paper piecing) project just for me. I pulled out Katy's Spring Carnival printout and templates and set to work. I'm using some Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow fabric that I've been saving for a while to make a pillow or two for my new couch. Since taking this pic, I've changed my mind on the brown print. I'll be using white for those triangle sections.

Katy's teaching a class on this design at The Sewing Summit in the fall. I'm crossing my fingers that I can take it while I'm there.

spring carnival

I have also been brainstorming some ideas for baby quilts. Two of my sisters-in-law are having babies in the next couple months. One of my good friends is in the hospital right now on bed rest and as a precaution due to placenta previa. I'm thinking I'll make a giant granny squares quilt for her soon-to-be-born little girl using some charms from Kate Spain's Central Park line.

giant granny squares baby

I bought a couple more quilting books as well. I really enjoyed flipping through these books. I've been a fan of Jacquie Gehring since I started quilting and I love how she and Katie Pedersen teach the techniques behind the quilts they show in the book, rather than just the pattern for the design. I think this approach is generally more helpful when you're trying to develop skills and a greater understanding of quilt construction.


I'm a new fan of Angela Walters. I've never loved the quilting part of making quilts, but I think Angela has done such a great job of illustrating how to go about expanding your quilting skills. I'm excited to try more techniques from her book.


And here's a little sneak peek of the quilt I finished last week. I was inspired by Angela's book and tried out a few new quilting designs. They certainly aren't perfect, especially when my nose was an inch away from the quilt, as Angela puts it. But, when you stand back and look at the overall quilt, you can see how I actually put some thought into the quilting.

sneak peek

I'll share more of this quilt next time. I'm off to celebrate my anniversary with the mister. Have a good weekend!


Barb said...

I loved your sneak peak....and you projects you are involved in.

Sara said...

The Angela Walters book is very popular right now as it should be since it is supposed to be excellent. It is on my list to pick up!

I like that you have tried out a design on a quilt and you enjoyed doing it!!

emedoodle said...

Fabulous! I have Jacquie's book - but haven't gotten my hands on Angela's yet. Jacquie is now in my guild and she's so much fun! I'm a fairly new fan of Angela's too - after seeing some of the quilts she's done for Jacquie. Talk about a fantastic pair! I look forward to seeing how their work inspires you too!! :)

thepalmierifamily said...

Happy Anniversary! It's a good month (mine is the 11th).

Gill said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!
I love your PP project!
Both of your books are on my amazon wishlist!

Sharon said...

I lOVE quilting modern!
You are so patient to do the epp. That is a great pattern, different than the usual hexi

Jacey said...

I actually love the brown print in the Modern Meadow carnival piecing. The prints look wonderful in that arrangement!

Your quilt sneak peek looks lovely, too! And happy anniversary!

Angela Walters said...

Yay for happy mail!!!!! THanks for the shout out!!!!!


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