Thursday, May 24, 2012

SLMQG Pouch Swap

The Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild (SLMQG) hosted a pouch swap between members at our May meeting. I used Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Zip Bag pattern to make a test pouch first (the Amy Butler Lotus pouch below) and the pouch I took for the swap.

Zippered Pouch

I used Ty Pennington's Impressions in Chartreuse with denim from an old skirt for the interlining to give it structure.

Zippered Pouch

I used a gray zipper that I ordered from zipit on Etsy.

Zippered Pouch

I added a zipper pull as directed in the pattern but I think it's too much for the smaller sized pouch that I made. Maybe if I used a smaller split-ring and D-ring, it would look more balanced.

Zippered Pouch

At our guild meeting, we had the chance to either pick a pouch, all of which were wrapped in brown paper bags, or we could steal a pouch that had already been opened. I had to steal this pouch Leigh made out of Melody Miller's Viewfinder fabric! Isn't it cute?!

Pouch Received in SLMQG Pouch Swap

Each pouch held a $5 gift inside. I was lucky enough to get four fat quarters and two candy bars (Snickers and Twix - two of my favorites!). I definitely scored with this one. Thanks, Leigh!

Pouch Received in SLMQG Pouch Swap


Gill said...

Fabulous pouches!
Would you recommend the pattern??

Debbie said...

really cute fabrics for the pouches!

angela said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun at your meeting.

....ok, the word robot is getting super weird, and now there's a photo below that has numbers in it. Wonder what is going to happen when I try to prove I'm not a robot!

Megan said...

What a cute idea for a swap! Your "test" pouch is a-dorable - I think that one might be my favorite.


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