Friday, May 4, 2012

Pre-Weekend Catchup

Happy Friday, everyone! I got Instagram on my phone a couple weeks ago and I've been totally loving it! I'm so glad they finally made it available on Android. (I'm pitterputterstitch if you want to follow me.)

This week I've spent some time working on a project I can't show for a few weeks, but I've really enjoyed working with COLOR this week.

Rainbow fabric stack

Playing with color charms

I laid out all the blocks I have so far for my Gradated Mod Mosaic quilt and I think it is looking! Can't wait to get the rest in the mail and finish my four blocks!

In progress Gradated Mod Mosaic

I also decided to make a quilt out of melon patch blocks. It's a bit slow-going right now as I only have four of the 64 segments pieced, but I think it'll look great in Anna-Maria Horner's Innocent Crush.

Starting Innocent Crush melon patch quilt

I've been so obsessed with color lately. I commented to the mister last night that I wonder if I'll get sick of all this rainbowy goodness and have to make a few projects out of neutrals or something. I sure hope not. I just can't get enough of color!


Debbie said...

lots of fun stuff here!

Lee said...

I haven't had a chance to mail your Mod Mosaic block yet, but I'll be able to on Tuesday, if not before! Sorry about the delay! They all look great together. : )


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