Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday #36

It's time to check in again on my enormous WIP list. I'm linking up to Lee's WIP Wednesday.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

New Projects
Like I mentioned last week, my son has 10 preschool teachers. With the help of my mom and sister, we whipped out (assembly line style) 10 of these gathered clutches using this tutorial from Noodlehead.

Gathered Clutches

Gathered Clutches

Here are a few of them.

Gathered Clutches

Gathered Clutches

Gathered Clutches

Gathered Clutches

My favorite:

Gathered Clutches

Gathered Clutches

Ongoing Projects
I made no progress on any of these, with the exception of the blocks I'm making for this quarter of the 4x5 bee.
  • Daughter's quilt (I picked up the sashing fabric last night - this one will be done soon as the bunkbed we ordered is being delivered this weekend! Incidentally, if anyone is looking for handmade, quality, beautifully constructed, reasonably priced bedroom furniture, check out Arrowhead Wood on Etsy.)
  • Swirling Stars quilt
  • One sister's quilt
  • Blocks for 4x5 Bee, 3rd quarter (I'm planning on finishing these up this week)
  • Kona solids challenge quilt (this one will be done by the third Thursday in August since that's when our quilt guild meets)
  • Sew Beautiful Bee quilt (this one will likely be moved down a few slots on the to-do list as I think I'm going to make two more blocks)
  • Jellyroll sampler quilt (I'm tucking this one away for a while since it's really low on my priority list)
  • Patching Up quilt (I want to finish this one sometime next month too so it's ready for baby's arrival)
  • Orange and blue goldfish quilt (it'd be nice to get to this one before September too, but if I'm realistic, it probably won't be)

I've got seven weeks to go with this pregnancy and since there're so many baby things I need to get done, I doubt I'll be able to knock out much of my WIPs before then. But, I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping that time slows down enough that I can get everything done (but also flies by so I can be done having an achy pregnancy body).


Lee said...

Look at all those adorable gathered clutches! I'm impressed. You should start an Etsy store (or a sweatshop?) Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday. : )

gill said...

I love all those clutches! I've had the tutorial bookmarked for a while but haven't got round to making any yet

Elizabeth D. said...

I'm with Lee, looks like you've got the makings for a great little Etsy shop (or sweatshop!) with all those clutches - they are so cute!! And I seem to remember time slowing down in my last weeks of pregnancy...I think because I was so uncomfortable. Sending happy thoughts your way! :)

Tiffany said...

Those are super cute! The apple one is my favorite :) I think I have that fabric too... may have to make myself a gather clutch :)

Debbie said...

Just so darling!! One of these, I'll get brave enough to try one!

Diane said...

Those clutches are adorable. Nice Job!

Jessica said...

ohhh love those mini clutches! Lucky teachers :-)

Jeanette said...

The clutches are beautiful, your son has some lucky teachers! Funny, I have almost all the same fabrics, love the My Mind`s Eye lines.

Bree said...

Your clutches look great! I'm in the middle of assembling 22 little clutches/bags for this weekend, lucky you that you had some help!

And I'm right there with you on wishing for time to both stand still & speed up at the end of a pregnancy! I've only got four weeks left, so I think I'm more on the "speed things up" side of things now! Good luck with your last weeks!

Needle little Balance said...

I ♥ the clutch with the apple fabric. So cute!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh they are wonderful! I was going to make little pouches for my daughters friends. Maybe I"ll make these!

felicity said...

I love love all those fabulous clutches! Fabulous teacher gift idea.

Your To Do list is impressive - enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy. Well, as much as one can enjoy those last few weeks.

Tammy Vasser said...

I love your clutches! What a great idea for teacher gifts! I just found your blog today and I'm so glad. I'm adding it to my reader list. Best wishes for your home stretch of pregnancy!

Jenniffier said...

Those cute little gathered clutches look amazing!


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