Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blocks for 4x5 Bee, 3rd Quarter

Thanks to Amy twisting my arm (wink wink), I joined the 3rd quarter of the 4x5 bee on Flickr. I finished up my blocks this morning and I LOVE how they turned out. I seriously want to make a full x and + quilt of my very own.

K*D Quilts asked for purple and orange.

For K*D Quilts, x and + blocks for 4x5 bee, 3rd quarter

Dashasel asked for lilac, garnet, and baby blue.

For Dashasel, x and + blocks for 4x5 bee, 3rd quarter

Around the Quilt Block asked for bubble gum pink, yellow, and cherry red.

For around the quilt block, x and + blocks for 4x5 bee, 3rd quarter

Handmaderetro asked for red and white. This one turned out to be my favorite, which is weird because I'm not a big fan of red.

For handmaderetro, x and + blocks for 4x5 bee, 3rd quarter

Kate @ swim, bike, quilt asked for buttercup, robin's egg, and ash, or yellow, aqua, and gray.

For Kate @ swim, bike, quilt, x and + blocks for 4x5 bee, 3rd quarter

I really enjoyed making this block in different colorways. Bees like this one are a good way to try out a design in various color schemes. I'm excited to see what the girls in my hive end up making for me.


Debbie said...

fantastic blocks!!

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

Love! How do you get involved in a Bee? Hope you are feeling well!

AnneMarie said...

The purple and orange is gorgeous!

Mary said...

I love these blocks!

Jessica said...

These are great! Love all those color combos!!

sukie said...

Agreed! Love your blocks woman. . and freak you got them done way before the deadline. . . . I blame "nesting period."


Diane said...

Great blocks! These all are lovely!

Janine said...

Those are great blocks and it's really interesting to see them in different colour combinations.

Elizabeth D. said...

Super cool! I love these blocks, Brooke :)

leigh said...

seriously love all of these! i might just copy you for the 4 x 5.


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