Friday, March 18, 2011


So I mentioned yesterday that I picked up some new fabric at my LQS. I specifically went in looking for one of the purple prints from the Central Park line, but they didn't have any (sigh). But, I came away with some other great fabrics.

St. Patty's Day fabric purchase

Next month is my month in the Sew Beautiful Bee, so I pulled some grays and yellows. I'm asking the girls in the group to make circle of geese blocks. I love this stack of fabric, but I think I need to add some blues and greens. Knowing me, I'll just get bored with a yellow and gray quilt and I don't want it to feel blah to me.

Some bee fabrics

I'm also finishing up my projects for the last swap that I'm in. Note to self: Don't sign up for three swaps (that are running concurrently) when you've just found out you're pregnant. You won't be as motivated or excited about them as you should be. Swaps are supposed to be fun!

My parter in one of the groups was fairly specific in her fabric request, so in an attempt to not be totally obvious, I showed her this photo, with her choices tucked in here and there. We'll see if it fools her.

Fabric stack


felicity said...

LOVE the yellow and gray for the Circle of Geese block. Tip to pass along to your bee peeps: make sure the template they print is the right size. It wants to "shrink to fit" and more than one person in my bee ended up making something a teensy bit too small. Not a huge deal since I will be sashing in the same fabric as the background, but if you can avoid it, so much the better!

p.s. did I already congratulate you on your pregnancy? I'm having a brown-out and can't remember. I think I did. In case I'm wrong, CONGRATS! :)

Denise said...

Love the fabric.There are some fun looking ones tucked in there.

Jessica said...

Im jealous of you LQS's fabric selection! That circle of geese block is one of my favs, with those fabrics I'm sure it will be beatiful!

Mrs. Darling said...

A shop near me in UT county has lots and lots of purple central park if you need it!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi have some wonderful fabrics there..I particularly love the yellow and gray pile!


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