Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Freebird Picnic Update 1

I finished sewing the jelly roll strips, cutting the 4.5 inch sub-units, and pressing the seams for all 436 of these babies. Let me say that ironing for two hours straight is not my idea of a good time, although cutting before pressing was easier for me. (My sister teases me that I love ironing so much that I take time to iron my underwear. So not true. And even if I did love ironing that much, I certainly wouldn't after yesterday's lengthy stint.)

I thought I might get to piecing them last night, but it took me until 9:30 just to figure out the layout. Here's the start of it, and please excuse the poor lighting. I used my point-and-shoot camera because I was tired and lazy and wanted to get the blocks organized.

Although my SIL picked this design, it was fun to play around with different layout possibilities. It certainly got me thinking about future quilt designs.

Tonight I'll start piecing these units and see how far I can get. Cross your fingers that everything will match up for the most part.


Jennifer Blosser said...

Brooke - I love your webby! Very cute and a clever banner! I've got some Freebird on my shelf asking to be cut ... I might have a new project.

Hugs & stitches,

Gina said...

Fabulous, I love it. I think I'll have to try something similar with a jelly-roll I have (which is nowhere near as nice as yours).

Gale's Goodies said...

This is an interesting pattern. I am afraid I would mess up when sewing the blocks together! I love that fabric line, too!

Jess said...

It's looking great. I am so excited to see the finished product.


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