Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Boy Rag Quilt

Here's another rag quilt that I made on Friday night for a baby shower this morning.

I used my standard 10 inch squares in a 4x5 layout.

The animals are part of a directional print so I alternated the squares so there wouldn't be a "right" direction to the blanket.

I really like how quickly rag quilts come together. Sometimes you just need a quick project to break things up from time to time.


trish said...

Cute cute cute! :o)
I am new quilting too.
It is nice meeting you.
:o) Trish

Lori Holt said...

I came over from Jodi's blog to say hi...and welcome to quilting! You're blog is adorable:)

JULIANNE said...

Hi! I just saw your quilts on Pleasant Home -- very adorable! Your little fella' is adorable, too! Welcome to the Quilting World - it's addictive but oh so fun!

P. S. I'm wondering just how "new" you are -- you do such good work and your blog is fabulous -- my blog is sorta cute but I haven't posted since 11/23/09 cuz I read too many other blogs to get stuff done! I'm working on it tho!
Now if I can post something on mine, I could put your button on there! A new goal!


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