Monday, May 3, 2010

SLMQG Sewing Saturday

For our quilt guild activity this month, we got together for a sewing Saturday. Four hours of uninterrupted sewing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!

I took a lot of WIPs with me because I didn't know how much I could get done in that amount of time.

First thing, I finished sewing the blue trim to the bottom of my Bloom and Grow skirt.

Next I finished the last few blocks for my Swirling Stars quilt. My SIL helped me come up with some layout ideas. Now I'm wondering if I should use this quilt for cuddling up on the couch instead of for my daughter's bed since it's not overly girlish. I have more girly prints in my stash that would probably lend themselves better to a quilt for a girl's room rather than a quilt to be partly used by the male members of my family.

Two of the girls in the guild with me demonstrated free motion quilting, one of a cute vine design and another of stippling and loops. Both girls, Leigh and Kati, said over and over that free motion quilting takes a lot of practice. But, they made it look so easy that I thought it would be a piece of cake. Uhhh...not so much. (These next two images don't even show the worst of it.)

Even though I made this baby quilt to practice on, I don't want it to look like crap because I really do like the fabrics and the quilt top.

When the mister got home from work that night, I asked him to give it try. He quilted a small section and decided it's not for him. When he finishes the quilt he's working on (hooray!), he said he'll be doing a different type of quilting.

When I picked up the Bloom and Grow fabric at my LQS, I saw these Christmas goodies. I want to make an advent calendar this year and this fabric, especially the panel, will work wonderfully!

I love the retro look to it. It reminds me of my grandma.

I also had to pick up some Rainy Days and Mondays by Melimba and Beccabury for Riley Blake. One of my older sisters sang that song so much when I was younger. She even has a beautiful deep alto voice and sounds just like Karen Carpenter. Maybe I'll have to make a quilt for her out of this fabric.


The Crafty Moms said...

I'm pretty sure I need that skirt =) I love that fabric and almost ordered a skirt from for Kyler in something similar.

Natalia said...

I am so glad that you posted about the Saturday sewing. I really was sad that I couldn't make it. It sounds like it was great.

I love the colors of your swirling stars blocks too!


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