Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oakley's rag quilt and Make Life baby quilt update

A friend of mine had her second baby yesterday, a little girl named Oakley Jo (isn't that cute?). I had some flannel left over from my daughter's rag quilt so I brought it out last night, cut it up, and made a rag quilt for Oakley.

I didn't have enough full size pieces so the back is made up of some rectangles instead of just squares.

Once I finished the rag quilt, I finished practicing free motion quilting on my Make Life baby quilt.

Although it looks a little scary in some places, I'm pleased with the overall result.

Especially because it's starting to have that scrunchy look that I love.

Tonight I plan to piece the binding, which will be the green dots and white paisley. Then I will finish quilting my Life Is What You Make It quilt and get to work on piecing the binding out of these babies...Yeah, I know. I'm a glutton for punishment, but I can't bear to waste any of this fabric.

I'm sure I won't get to it tonight, but another friend sent me this fabric from Portland to make her a bag, but not a Buttercup bag. She serves as the Relief Society President in her area and needs a BIG bag to carry all her Church stuff around. I'm excited to try my hand at a different style. Cross your fingers that it'll work out.


Mandy said...

Cute stuff! I'm still getting the hang of free-motion quilting myself. Not easy!

leigh said...

what are those adorable giraffes? i love them!


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