Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Life Is What You Make It" Quilt Top Finished

I finished piecing the top of my Life Is What You Make It quilt on Friday night (based on the Missouri Quilt Co.'s version). It's exciting to see it coming together so nicely. The backing will be made up of Grass Simple

and Colorful Ivory, divided by a row of charm squares (two-thirds of the way up).

The finished top is about 66 by 83 inches. I initially wanted to do a border, but I think the size is good for now.

I also pieced four more blocks for my Swirling Star quilt.

Eight down, four to go.


Natalia said...

I love your Make Life quilt! Those fabrics are so happy! I also love the colors of your swirling star blocks, so cute! :)

Jandi said...

The quilt is fab! I think it will be great with or without a border but it sounds like it is already the perfect size for snuggling on the couch.

Nana J said...

I love the quilt blocks. Happy Birthday!!


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