Saturday, April 24, 2010

A birthday Buttercup bag

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. When she saw one of the Buttercup bags I made, she asked if I would make one for her for her birthday. I already had ordered some Jessica Jones fabric for her when she asked me to take her to the fabric store and help her pick some out, so I had to let the birthday cat out of the bag. I thought she would pick the neutral stacks (she's a neutral clothing/muted tones kind of girl). Little did I know she would pick the blue leaflet fabric that I made my first Buttercup bag out of.

She likes to carry a lot of things in her bags, or at least have enough room to carry several items if she chooses to (she's not unknown to carry a book or two around with her), so I enlarged the pattern two inches on all sides. This time, I made the inside pockets match the outer fabric so you get a little bit of color when you peek inside.

I'm really liking how quickly these bags are coming together now that I've made a few.

Marnie's birthday dinner is tonight and the bag is all wrapped up and ready to go. I hope she likes it.

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leigh said...

that is so cute!


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