Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finished Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

After I finished my Nordika Scrappytrip quilt, I had a lot of leftover fabric strips, enough to make this baby quilt as well as a few Dresden wedges that I'll get around to showing one of these days.

One of my friends is having her third baby and this time, it's a girl so I thought this would be a great set of fabrics for her little one. I played around with cutting the pieces and settled on tumblers. Thus, the Nordika tumbler baby quilt:

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

I used a strip of the tumblers on the back along with some oval elements and one of my favorite Nordika prints.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

Back in April, I did a little demo at the Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild meeting on how I free-motion quilt. I then let anyone who wanted to try sit down with this quilt. So this one has a variety of quilting, including these cute little flowers.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

I showed how I like to incorporate words into my quilting occasionally. This one has the words "love" and "family" FMQed into the edge of the quilt.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

For the binding, I used the red floral print that dominates the quilt as well as the tartan plaid and a solid light gray.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

My friend's baby is due in June so I'll be wrapping this one up and sending it her way soon.

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt


Cheryl said...

Very cute quilt! I like how the binding sets it off.

Barbie Mills said...

So cute! I love your design with the different widths.

Christine S said...

Very pretty, love it!

Annie said...

I love the quilt in the middle of your home page! Do you have a patter or tutorial or link on how to make it?


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