Friday, January 3, 2014

X-Factor Pillow Swap Received

Back in November, I shared the pillow I made for the X-Factor Pillow Swap on Flickr. After my wrist and elbow surgery in October, I was itching to make something, but couldn't yet use my rotary cutter or sewing machine. Instead, I did some English paper piecing that ended up being a good form of physical therapy.

The round ended the first of November and we all had the chance to vote for our favorite pillows. This was my first choice and I was so happy to see it arrive in my mailbox!

Tina from the UK (Cottilello on Flickr) made this amazing low-volume wavy pillow cover. The fabrics she used are so fun - clothespins, barcodes, cameras, text, needles and thread, scissors. I currently have the pillow sitting on my couch, but plan to put it in my sewing room if I ever get one of those.

X Factor Pillow Swap Pillow Received

This was a fun swap to participate in this year. It was low-key and not as time-consuming as some of the other swaps I've participated in. I could make a pillow that I wanted and *hopefully* it would be well enough received that I could get my first choice pillow in return. I'm hoping to participate in more rounds in the future.


Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

I'm not usually a great fan of LV without a pop of bright, but I really love this, it's gorgeous.

Danih03 said...

Love the pillow! You lucky duck!

thepalmierifamily said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I can see why it would be your first pick!

Sheryl Hastings said...

Very cute! I just recently did a similar pillow for Christmas this year. Mine was pieced with the wide stripes but no curves. Your pillow would also look cute in Christmas colors.


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