Friday, April 26, 2013

Last-minute flannel skirt

For Christmas, we bought my four-year-old daughter her own sewing machine. Technically, we bought it for our two older kids to share, but our son hasn’t gotten into it very much. The Middle, however, asks on a regular basis if she can sew.

Last night, I asked her if she wanted a new skirt to wear. She jumped up from the couch and ran to my fabric, where she pulled out the last little bit of this Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannel print. This is my favorite AMH print. I got a 39” remnant earlier in the year and used most of it to make a pillowcase for myself. The leftover piece happened to be the perfect size for a 4T skirt…no cutting even required!


I happened to have a 1 ½” wide elastic in my line of sight, so I made a larger casing for the skirt than I usually would. A quick hem and voila! A finished skirt for my fashionista.

AMH Folksy Flannel Skirt

AMH Folksy Flannel Skirt

AMH Folksy Flannel Skirt


emedoodle said...


Sara said...

She is too cute and looking so proud in her new skirt! Great job mom!

Barbie Mills said...

Such a cutie! She looks so pleased with it. I need to sew more with my munchkin.


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