Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Dress

So I don't sew clothes. I've sewn a couple skirts in the past, but most of those times, I went to my mom's house for help. At quilt market last May, I met Jennifer Paganelli (such a genuinely nice woman) and bought her Girl's World book, thinking it would be nice to have a bunch of patterns to try for my girls.

When I brought the book home, my older daughter loved looking through it. In fact, she pretty much thought the book was just for her. I never ended up making anything out of it. Until today.

I saw the dresses Kayli made for her girls and was motivated to try making an Easter dress for little miss A. I typically don't keep yardage of fabric on hand since I'm a quilter and prefer smaller cuts, but I happened to have a few yards of this Art Gallery fabric that I also bought at quilt market last May. Thankfully, my daughter approved of the non-pink options I gave her.

Easter Dress

I used the Mary Sash Dress pattern from Jennifer's book.

Easter Dress

Little miss A is on the small size, so although I used the XS pattern piece for the bodice, I still had to alter it a bit. I also wanted the dress to have wider straps at the shoulders.

Easter Dress

And I kept the length of the sash the same, so it makes a nice big bow on the back.

Easter Dress

The only real problem I ran into was a result of taking the bodice in a bit. You see, my children are blessed with larger than average heads (I like to tell myself it's because they are so smart). The altered bodice fit really well...except for the fact that I couldn't get it over my daughter's head. So I called my mom and asked her what I could do so I didn't have to start over. She suggested that I cut a slit in the back and add a button. So that's what I did. Although, I haven't attached the button yet.

Easter Dress

You may have noticed her princess shoes. She was very excited to try the dress on, even though I hadn't hemmed it yet. She had to go find her shoes and her brother insisted on dressing up like a prince, which meant that he put on jeans (as opposed to the comfy lounge pants he was wearing), a long sleeve gray shirt, and his church shoes.

Overall, I think it was a success. I'm happy it came together pretty easily and that we found solutions for the couple snags I ran into. Best of all, it's daughter-approved. And perfect for practicing your curtsies.

Easter Dress


plus size dresses said...

Awesome post that is. Little girl is looking very pretty in this dress. Kids now days love to wear fashionable clothes. They know all about fashionable clothes and accessories.

felicity said...

Awwww. So adorable!

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Good job on the dress! You daughter is beautiful!te

A.J. Dub. said...

It's darling! You did a beautiful job!

Cille said...

Your daughter looks beautiful - radient in fact - in her new dress. Well done :)

KristyLou said...

Wow, for not sewing clothes, this turned out pretty amazing! And your daughter is a cutie!

Denise said...! What a darling dress and, of course, a beautiful girl. She takes after her mom.

The Thompsons said...

Seriously adorable!! She's so cute! I particularly love the bow on the back.

Kati said...

So sweet, Brooke! She seems thrilled. One of these days I'll make my girls Easter dresses. Buying them is just the easy thing to do right now.

Katie B. said...

This is such a sweet dress! You did a great job, and your daughter is ADORABLE!

Lee said...

I pinned that pattern and am seriously tempted to make it! Probably won't happen in time for Easter though. : ) Yours turned out great, and your daughter is too adorable!

Jessica said...

oh its just darling! Sewing clothes definitely intimidates me too, you did a such a great job!!

Diane said...

She is beautiful as well as the dress. What darling fabric and the bow is wonderful!

debbie said...

Such a sweet little girl! She looks adorable in her Easter dress. Great job on making it, mom. She looks so happy!

Debbie Hall

Megs said...

I love it! Well done. Some day I might brave making a dress for Lilly!


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