Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finished Color Beads Quilt

I finished this quilt last week. I used my Accuquilt GO! baby fabric cutter and thought I'd show you how I did it. The good news is that you can make this quilt even if you don't have a GO! baby because I used my 5-inch square die.

Color Beads Quilt

This necklace served as the inspiration for the quilt.

Color Beads Quilt

I've been wanting to play around with the color wheel for a while, so I took out one of my fabric drawers and my scrap bin and tried to find fabric that would work for every color. (I was low on purple, but I think I found a fabric that worked well enough as it had red and blue dots.)

Color Beads Quilt

Here are some of the fabrics I pulled.

Color Beads Quilt

I wanted the quilt to be simple so the color would be the focus. I pulled out my GO! baby and my 5-inch square die and went to work.

Color Beads Quilt

With the help of my two oldest kiddos, we had 28 charms cut in no time.

Color Beads Quilt

I arranged the squares and then pieced them into two rows of six and two rows of seven.

Color Beads Quilt

I then measured the rows of six charms and cut a piece of Kona white that was that dimension squared. In this case, it was about 27 inches. After piecing the charms to the white center square, I added 15-inch borders to all sides of the quilt, making it about 65 inches square.

Color Beads Quilt

For the binding, I used a black and white striped fabric from the Dr. Seuss line that I had on hand. I was about a strip short so I added a couple strips from a fat quarter with the primary colors on it.

Color Beads Quilt

I went with a solid Kona yellow for the backing. Note to self: make sure to position the label far enough into the backing so you don't cut it off when you square up your quilt. At least only one line of the label got chopped when I removed the excess backing and batting, and it wasn't really important for the quilt anyway.

I quilted it with wavy straight lines, like on this quilt, but about 2-3 inches apart.

Color Beads Quilt

I was happy that all this fabric came from my stash, except the Kona yellow. It feels good to use what I have. I think I'll do it more often.


The Thompsons said...

It's beautiful. I love that the color wheel is the focal point.

Barb said...

What beautiful fabrics....love the quilt!!

Jessica said...

this is so fresh and pretty! Love those colors against the white

Katie B. said...

Such a sweet quilt! I love it!

angela said...

Very nice! I like the non-circle color wheel,

felicity said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!

tusen said...

Simple and beautiful. I love your choice of fabrics.

Jenny said...

this is awesome. i need to make some raffle quilts, i might light to do this idea!!

Melissa said...

WOW! This is super cute, I love the front and the back is fantastic! Congrats!

Lee said...

So cute! Great job! I love all the negative space.

Diane said...

Loved the necklace when it was purchased and love the quilt! The edge is so fun and the color with the white background is beautiful. Great work, Brooke!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous! You can't beat a good old rainbow!

Diane said...

This looks great!

Shannon said...

It's beautiful. Your color choice was perfect.


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