2014 Finished Quilts

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8. Pixelated Dragon Quilt:

Pixelated Dragon Quilt

7. Florence Arkansas Crossroads Quilt:

Florence Arkansas Crossroads Quilt

6. Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt:

Nordika Tumbler Baby Quilt

5. SLMQG Swap Mini Quilt:

DS Mini Quilt

4. True Colors Chevron Quilt:

Finished True Colors Chevron Quilt

3. Accuquilt Pezzy Pyramid Quilt:

Accuquilt Tutorial Quilt - Pezzy Pyramid

2. Horsey HST Baby Quilt:

Horse Baby Quilt

1. Nordika Scrappy Trip Quilt:

Nordika Scrappy Trip Quilt

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