2012 Finished Quilts

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20. Baby Aviary Rag Quilt: (not blogged)

Baby Rag Quilt

19. Rectangle Squared Quilt:

Marnie's Rectangle Squared Quilt

18. 4x5 Bee Quilt:

4x5 2012 Bee Quilt

17. BIL Christmas Quilt:

Finished BIL Quilt

16. SIL Christmas Quilt:

Finished SIL Quilt

15. Heirloom Patchwork Baby Quilt:

Baby Quilt for Amy

14. Super Star Patchwork Baby Quilt:

Baby Quilt for Emily

13. Tossed Triangles Baby Quilt:

Storm-Tossed Triangles Quilt

12. Nana's 60th Birthday Quilt:

Nana's 60th Birthday Quilt

11. Kill that Cancer Quilt:

Kill that Cancer Quilt

10. String Star and Hexagon Baby Quilt:

string star and hexagon

9. Mister's Baby Quilt:


8. Single Girl with Retro Flowers Quilt:

Single Girl Meets Retro Flowers Quilt Front

7. Oregon Beach Quilt:

Oregon Beach Quilt

6. Melon Patch Wedding Quilt:

Melon Patch Wedding Quilt for Natalie and Ross

5. EZ Dresden Challenge Color Cog Mini Quilt:

Color Cog Mini Quilt v1 v2

4. Twin Quilt IV:

Wheels Twin Quilts

3. Twin Quilt III:

Wheels Twin Quilts

2. Twin Quilt II:

Quilt for Sam

1. Twin Quilt I:

Quilt for Jayden


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